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Data Science is a combination of programming abilities, subject knowledge, and mathematics that aims to extract useful insights from raw data. Data Science as a job is booming because analysis methods and massive data collecting have gotten more sophisticated.

What Skills Are Needed to Become a Data Scientist?

If you’re wondering how to get started in Data Science, you should know that you’ll require hard skills like analytics, statistics, Machine Learning, and Hadoop. You’ll also need to work on soft skills like critical thinking, attractive communication, and being a good listener and problem solver. Of course, you’ll need a Data Science course syllabus as well. See our extensive blog to learn more about the many abilities required to become an effective Data Scientist.

This is a lucrative sector with several prospects. As a result, education and certifications will help you find work today and in the future.

The Path to Becoming a Data Scientist

A Data Scientist discovers trends and patterns in datasets, conveys suggestions to other teams, develops algorithms and data models to anticipate outcomes, and employs Machine Learning methods to enhance data quality. The steps outlined here may assist you in establishing a career in Data Science.

Step 1: Get a degree in data science:

This is only sometimes necessary, but you should consider studying statistics and computer science to understand the fundamental ideas.

Step 2: Sharpen the necessary skills:

It is important to study important skills like technology (R, Python, SQL, and SAS), visualization of data, and working with tools such as PowerBI, Tableau Excel, and Big Data. This enables you to work with Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Step 3: Acquire experience:

Choose an entry-level Data Analytics job to obtain experience and lay the groundwork for your Data Science career. There are positions available as a Data Engineer, Statistician, Business Intelligence Analyst, or Data Engineer.

Step 4: Get ready for interviews:

Consider preparing for interviews for the post of the Data Scientist. It will assist you in making a confident and educated impression while applying for various sorts of Data Science employment. Some popular interview questions include the advantages and disadvantages of a linear model, the use of SQL to discover data duplicates, and the definitions of Random Forest and Machine Learning.

Data Science Career path
Data Science Career path

How Can I Begin a Career in Data Science?

However, a recognized course with 1:1 coaching is one of the most dependable methods to study Data Science. Great Learning partnered with MIT provides a Data Science Program that guarantees 100% employment. The curriculum will teach you Hadoop Development, Testing, Analysis, Statistical Computing, and NoSQL Applications, Recommendation Systems, Networking and Graphical Models.

You will also get the opportunity to collaborate with Real Analytics and learn about Deep Learning and Machine Learning. The course is well-known for its encouraging learning atmosphere, and some of its highlights include the following:

  • 12 weeks of live training
  • Certificate of completion from MIT IDSS
  • Scholarships are available
  • 50 or more financed research initiatives
  • Opportunities to learn about theories from industry experts
  • Capestone project in relevance to the industry.

Different Data Scientist Job Profiles

Data is gathered from many industries, channels, and platforms, such as social media, e-commerce sites, healthcare surveys, and internet searches. However, most of them are unstructured and may need the services of the following pros for parsing and efficient decision-making.

Whether you’re wondering if Data Science is an honorable profession, have a look at the following job profiles:

Data Scientist:

In 2021, the data analytics sector in India grew by 26.5% year on year, with a market value of $45.4 billion. Data analysts conduct strenuous activities such as data processing, munging, and visualization.

Engineers of Data:

Data engineers in India may expect to earn a median annual income of 12.3 lakhs as of August 2021. The primary responsibility is building and maintaining data management systems, creating reports, and informing stakeholders based on analytics.

Scientists of Data:

With a median annual compensation of 25.8 lakhs, this is one of the best occupations after completing a Data Science degree. A Data Scientist’s key tasks include processing, cleaning, and integrating data, automating data collecting, and communicating with the business, engineering, and product teams.


They are professionals in interpreting, gathering, and analyzing data to solve real-world issues using statistical methodologies. Coordination with cross-functional teams, data collecting process design, and business strategy advice are all critical duties.

Engineer in Machine Learning:

An ML Engineer might make between 7.5 and 8 lakh per year. These specialists are in great demand today since they know some of the most sophisticated technologies, such as REST APIs. Other duties include A/B analysis and the implementation of prominent Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms, such as clustering and identification and putting ML systems to the test, and examining and visualizing data for improved comprehension.

Analyst for Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence Analysts use data to detect market and business trends by analyzing the data to understand better where a firm stands.

Engineers in Data Mining:

Data Mining Engineers investigate their data and information gathered from outside sources. Data mining experts build complex algorithms further to analyze the data in addition to data analysis.

Architects of Data:

Data Architects collaborate with users, system architects, and developers to create blueprints for centralizing, integrating, managing, and safeguarding data sources via data management systems.


The discipline of Data Science is multidisciplinary and essential to society’s fundamental activities, such as refilling grocery shops, monitoring political campaigns, and maintaining medical records. Participating in this expanding field may be an interesting and rewarding job.

Data Science offers several job prospects. This article provides an overview of Data Science, including the necessary skills, career categories, and how to get started.

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