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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science — Open Access Journal

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (ISSN 2454-6186), DOI 10.47772/IJRISS is an open access International Journal emphasizing on Social Studies and its Sub Topics. Author’s can submit the manuscript in the form of a Research Paper, Review Paper, Informative Article, Comparative Studies, Case Studies, Dissertation Chapters, Research Proposals, and Synopsis. Our aim is to educate and connect the global social science community.

  • DOI Number: 10.47772/IJRISS
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One of the primary objectives of International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) is to promote innovative research that contributes to the development of the social sciences. The journal seeks to publish original and empirical research that provides new insights and solutions to societal challenges. The journal’s editorial board is made up of experts, and researchers from different parts of the world, who are dedicated to ensuring the quality and relevance of the research published in the journal.

International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) is an open-access journal, which means that all articles are available online for free, making it easily accessible to readers worldwide. This approach ensures that the research published in the journal reaches a wider audience, thereby promoting the exchange of knowledge and ideas among scholars and researchers.

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We invite Scientists, Academicians and Researchers to submit their articles for publication in a monthly, fully refereed, open access, peer-reviewed and Social Science International Journal.


Month / Year / Volume / Issue Volume VIII Issue VII July 2024new
Submission Deadline  30th  July 2024
New Submission Online Submissionnew
Publication Fees 30$ (USD)
Final Submission for Accepted Paper  Online Submission
Digital Object Identifier(DOI) 10.47772/IJRISS

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Perceived Impact of Utilisation of ICT Facilities on Academic Performance of Undergraduates in Universities in Southwest, Nigeria

ADEPOJU Olayinka (PhD)

Abstract:- The study examined the availability, accessibility and utilisation of ICT facilities on academic performance of undergraduates in Universities in …

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Extenuating Loans Non-Performance, Best Practice Perspective of Banks in Bono East of Ghana

Ezekiel Nibenong Seudib, Felix Tengan Dassah, Stephen Kwasi Adjei

Abstract:- Pandemonium in the Banking industry which emanates largely from loans portfolios is eventually catching the attention of stakeholders of banks.

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Social Media, Filipinos, and Key National Issues in the Philippines: A Macro Analysis

Prof. Mark Gabriel Wagan Aguilar, CTP, CNA, CMC

Abstract: The Philippines as the top user of social media worldwide has witnessed Filipinos rely on information posted in social media for knowledge on key national issues.

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Effects of Project Risk Identification on the Performance of Core Banking Systems in Commercial Banks of Kenya

Augustus Nzili Mutua, Dr. Kirui Caleb

Abstract: Commercial banks in Kenya often establish a risk management practice in their core banking system for improving the performance…

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Methods of Financing Technical and Vocational Education and Training, and Entrepreneurship Education to Support Skills Development in Lusaka Province, Zambia

Phillip Mubanga, Oo Yu Hock, Asif Mahbub Karim, Innocent Mutale Mulenga

Abstract: -Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and Entrepreneurship Education…

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The Effect of Reclamation of Lamong Bay Port toward Fishermen Livelihood in Morokrembangan, Surabaya, Indonesia

Dewi Casmiwati, Ahmad Zubir bin Ibrahim, Zawiyah Binti Mohd. Zain, Ahmad Haruna Abubakar

Abstract:-This research aims to explore the effect of development process of Lamong Bay Port toward …

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Capital Structure and Financial Performance of Selected Quoted Firms in Nigeria

Yakubu Abubakar and Gbenga Joseph Olowe

Abstract:-This study examines the impact of Capital structure on Financial performance of selected quoted …

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An Analysis of the Nexus of Existentialism in Education

Elvis Omondi Kauka

Abstract: This study sought to examine the bond between existentialism and Education. Two objectives, namely: To examine key concepts of Existentialism and their Educational referents, and to investigate educational…

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Information and Communication Technology and Youth Employment in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, Nigeria

Angioha, P. Unim, Ugal, B. Upeh

Abstract:-The issue of unemployment is not a new phenomenon in Nigeria. Thus, in recent years the rate has caused great concern not only to individuals but also…

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The Pre Buddhist Religious Beliefs in Ancient Sri Lanka

Dr. Geethani Amratunga, Dr. Nadeesha Gunawardana

Abstract: – There was evidently no national or state religion systematically organized in the island before Buddhism introduce to Sri Lanka in the third century B.C.E. The Hiuen Tsiang says the kingdom of Sinhala formerly was addicted to immoral religious worship…

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What went wrong with: National Conferences Supervising Transitions to Multiparty Rule in Francophone Africa, since 1989 – A Re-visitation

Prof. Simon Tata Ngenge

Abstract: – After the fall of communism in 1989, the winds of democracy swept from Eastern Europe…

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Understanding the Causes of Students’ weak Performance in Geography at the WASSCE and the Implications for School Practices; A Case of Two Senior High Schools in a Rural District of Ghana

Moses Ackah Anlimachie

Abstract—The study investigates the causes of students’poor performance…

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