Dr. DP Sharma AMIT, AMU MOE FDRE under UNDP and External Consultant & Adviser (IT), ILO `{` An autonomous Agency of United Nations`}`- Geneva, Ex. Academic Faculty Ambassador for Cloud Computing Offering (AI), IBM USA

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Confluence of the three, an Eminent Academician, Technology Expert and Rehabilitation Activist, Prof. DP Sharma has an excellent record of achievements and contributions in India and abroad. His contributions to the field of technology based rehabilitation under UN Convention for PWDs, ILO & UNDP schemes have been incomparable in the world. He is associated with Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA-ACM) for USA & Canada and International Fellow of several organizations like SIE-Singapore and IACSIT-China & USA. He is recipient of 45 National and International Awards and wide range of appreciations. For his notable contributions to the research and academia, twenty nine world scientific organizations /societies have offered him various types of Membership and Fellowships. He has written 21 Computer Science and IT books and published more than100 research papers/ article. He has guided 9 PhD scholars from USA, Fiji, Saudi Arabia and India.