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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science (IJRIAS) |Volume VII, Issue XI, November 2022|ISSN 2454-6194

Construction of A Remote Home Automation and Security System Using Raspberry PI

Samson Dauda Yusuf 1*, Chima Oji2, Abdulmumini Zubairu Loko3, Alhassan Tijani4
1,2,3Department of Physics, Nasarawa State University Keffi, Nigeria
4Department of Works, Federal University Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria
*Correspondence Author

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Abstract: The needs for automation in home and offices have been so paramount in this era. Also, the subject of insecurity has become a big challenge in our society especially in Nigeria. In this study, construction and implementation of a home automation system was carried out based on Raspberry Pi. The system is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) architecture and sensor network. The Software for the system was written using Python programming language while the Smartphone mobile application was developed using Flutter Dart programming language. Result shows that, the Raspberry Pi which is the main controller reads sensor values like temperature, humidity, and motion from the sensors which includes Passive Infra-Red (PIR), Temperature and Humidity sensor which it publishes to the external clients (Smartphone Application) using Message queue telemetry (MQTT). Message commands for controlling devices and sensor data are exchanged between the system and external clients once a connection is established. If the System is scanned and motion is detected, an alarm is sounded.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi, message queuing, telemetry transport, internet of things, python programming, flutter dart programming


The most essential safety system required by the society is home security. This has become necessary due to the increase in crime rate, insurgency, robbery, kidnapping and fire outburst in Nigeria. Since, the awareness of security state of an environment is very vital, home security and surveillance system needs to be improved to address the increasing crime rate [1]. Home automation is the automatic control of electronic devices or appliances in the home. It may also encompasses a system that will be able to detect smoke, excessive electrical power usage, intruder or bugler attempts and alert you on any unauthorized movements [2]. Numerous individuals are at all times on the move from place to place and attached to their busy life style and household equipment are left without any level of monitoring. When some device is not properly monitored or controlled, they tend to consume a lot of energy leading to extra expenditure on electricity or cause disaster in the neighbouring environment. The idea of home automation (smart home) is good especially for the old aged and disabled persons for improved health care, allowing independence and improve comfort [3]. Home automation could embrace management of lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling system in order to produce upgraded convenience, comfort and security [4].