About Us

RSIS International is formed to promote latest academic and scientific research. RSIS International has maintained a mission statement that responds both to its own change, and to the new developments in the world.

Our main purpose and target is to serve as an organisation for stimulation, guiding and support its members to complete the general aim and responsibilities to build the research and development activities for the advancement of general welfare.

Mission statement

To provide a platform and an environment which shall foster research, exchange of innovative ideas amongst the researchers and academicians across the globe.

Vision statement

To promote scientific and educational activities towards the advancement of the Research for the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare.


  • To encourage regional and international communication.
  • Promote professional interaction.
  • Lifelong learning.
  • Recognize outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations.
  • Bringing an objective, research-based, academic voice to the development and approval process of international research standards.