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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) |Volume VI, Issue XI, November 2022|ISSN 2454-6186

Effects of ICT skills of Library Professionals on Users’ Patronage Promotion in Polytechnic Libraries in South West, Nigeria

 ADEGBITE-BADMUS Tawakalit A., & ALABI Ismail O.
The Department of Library and Information Science, The Federal Polytechnic Ilaro Ogun State. Nigeria

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Abstract: The educational roles play by libraries to guarantee successful research and other activities of tertiary institutions cannot be overemphasized. Libraries play a central role in guaranteeing success of tertiary institutions and researches. The essential undertakings of libraries comprise collection development, reference services, document delivery, user education, provision of access to resources held by a library, other libraries or a group of libraries and access to electronic information resources. With the growth of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), libraries now make available cost effective and dependable access to information using information and communication technology tools which has enabled libraries to overcome barriers of distance and time. Introduction of ICT in libraries make accessible information from anywhere, anytime and any sources. Effective use of ICT for library functions and services requires skills in the use of ICT. This study examined the relationship between ICT skills possessed by the librarians in the Polytechnics Libraries in South-west, Nigeria. Descriptive survey method was used and questionnaire was employed to gather data from 94 librarians in the 10 selected federal and state-owned polytechnic libraries in southwest, Nigerian. The study revealed large percentage of the respondents 74 (70.5%) considered their ICT skills above average. The respondents regarded ICT as crucial to promotion of patronage of polytechnic libraries because ICT can be used to promote library to several users (m=4.33). It was also revealed that ICT can facilitate quick delivery of information and knowledge about library (m=4.21)

Keyword: ICT skills, Library Promotion, Polytechnic Libraries, users’ patronage.


Decree No 3 of 1979 Federal Republic of Nigeria (1980) stated that the functions of polytechnics in Nigeria will be to provide full and part-time courses of instruction and training in technology; applied sciences, commerce and management and such other disciplines of applied learning relevant to the needs of the development of Nigeria; to arrange conferences, seminars and study relative to the field of learning specifics in “1” above and; to perform such other functions as the opinion of the council may serve to promote the objectives of the polytechnic. To achieve these functions, libraries were established in polytechnics. Also, the National Policy of Education (revised 2004) recognized the role of polytechnic libraries otherwise known as academic libraries in educational development of the country when it stated that: