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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) |Volume VI, Issue XI, November 2022|ISSN 2454-6186

Influence of emotional dependency on spousal homicide among couples in Ndhiwa Sub-County, Homabay County, Kenya.

 Adera, Jane Onyango*, Mokua, Gilbert Maroko.
Department of Psychology, Mount Kenya University. Kenya
*Corresponding Author

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Abstract: The prevalence of spousal homicides arising from domestic violence is a devastating public health problem affecting today’s families. With an alarming trend of spousal homicides being experienced in Ndhiwa Sub-County in Homa Bay County today, little seems to have been done to bring to light the core factors associated with this problem. The objective of the study was to determine the extent to which emotional dependency predisposes couples to spousal homicide in Ndhiwa Sub-County. Quantitative method and phenomenological research design were applied. Target population encompassed 17,151 married men and 19,205 women, 29 local administrators and 10 religious leaders from the main denominations in the Sub-County. Slovin’s formula was used to obtain a sample of 396 respondents. Stratified random sampling was applied to select 174 male and 198 female spouses, while simple random was utilized to proportionately select 18 local administrators, and 6 religious leaders from the Sub-County’s six administrative zones. Quantitative data was obtained from married men and women through Partner’s Emotional Dependency Scale (SED). Interview guides were used to obtain qualitative data from local administrators and religious leaders. Piloting was carried out in Nyakach Koguta location in the neighboring Kisumu County, involving 40 participants, comprising of 12 men, 22 women, 5 community leaders and 1 religious leader. Analysis for quantitative data was done in descriptive statistics and reported in tables and figures. Hypotheses testing was performed in inferential statistics through simple regression coefficient, using t-test on SPSS version 26. Qualitative data was analyzed in thematic analysis and presented in narrative forms. From the results, a statistically significant relationship was established between emotional dependency and spousal homicide. The study recommended that government agencies needed to develop policies and frameworks aimed at improving mental health of families. There was need for regular workshops and seminars aimed at supporting couples deal with fears related to their dependency and strengthen their sense of identity. Further investigations may be done using different instruments. Further investigation may be required with additional information being obtained from other close family members as key informants.

Keywords: Emotional Dependency, Fear of Rejection, Need for Assurance, Spousal Homicide, Intimate Partner Violence


Spousal homicide entails the killing of a wife, husband or an intimate partner, being attributable to various risk factors. These may include witnessing or experiencing past cases of violence in one’s family, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual