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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) |Volume VI, Issue XI, November 2022|ISSN 2454-6186

Mirror Society and Social Function of Literature in Novel the Great Gatsby (1925) by F. Scott Fitzgerald: Ian Watt’s Literary Sociology Studies

Raka Muhammad, Bani Sudardi, Dwi Susanto
Program Magister Kajian Budaya Fakultas Pascasarjana, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia

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Abstract: The topic of this paper is to discuss cultural studies by focusing on social mirrors and the social function of literature in The Great Gatsby novel through a literary sociology approach, introducing and examining the relationship with cultural studies and social aspects in the reality of life in the literary work of The Great Gatsby novel. This paper raises the complexity of literary social relations which is very strong in this novel which was appointed in the 1920s. The problems discussed in this research are first, how is literature as a Mirror Society in the novel The Great Gatsby? Second, what is social function values exist in the literary novel The Great Gatsby? The purpose of this paper is first to explain the Mirror Society in The Great Gatsby novel. Second, to explain the Social Function of Literature in The Great Gatsby novel. And third, analyzing The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald from a perspective according to the Sociology of Literature. The theory of this approach is uses Ian Watt method which rooted in the continuate application successor of Wallek & Warren’s theory as the main reference in analyzing this novel’s literary work. In particular, this study describes the implementation of the author Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s social context, the mirror factor of society in the novel, and the function of the Sociology of Literature in The Great Gatsby. By studying this novel, we get an understanding that The Great Gatsby is very thick with social studies in literature, so that it becomes a learning material for social culture, especially the modern era in the 19th century.

Keywords: Mirror Society, Social Functions of Literature, Sociology of Literature, Ian Watt, The Great Gatsby


Sociology of literature is a combination of two things, namely social and literature. Analysis related to the study of sociology in literature is to analyze society scientifically and objectively in the literary work. The social structure of sociology is said to obtain an overview of the ways in which humans can adapt to certain societies and are determined by certain societies. Understanding of literary works also considers social aspects, the meaning contained, and the relationship between the background of the community and the literary work. In simple terms, the sociology of literature connects the dialectics between literature and society.