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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science (IJRIAS) |Volume VII, Issue XII, December 2022|ISSN 2454-6194

Proximate Analysis and Elemental Composition of Some Spiced and Unspiced Food Products Around Bwari Area Council Abuja, FCT

Jibrin Noah Akoji1, Abdullahi Lami Karimatu2, Onawo Mohammed Amina3
1, 2 Department of Chemistry, Baze University, Abuja, Nigeria
3Unique shis Green Products Ltd, Abuja Nigeria

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Abstract:- This study was carried out to investigate the Proximate Analysis and Elemental Composition of some Spiced(Spiced millet powder, Spiced dried okra, Spiced Swallow made from unripe plantain and wheat powder, Spiced bean powder) and Unspiced(Millet powder, dried okra, Bean powder and Swallow made from unripe plantain and wheat powder) Food Products from Bwari Area Council Abuja Using AOAC standard methods for the determination of Moisture content, Ash content; crude protein, Crude fibre, Carbohydrate e.t.c. Mineral composition and some trace element were also determined using Atomic Absorption spectrophotometric method and Inductive Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer (ICP AES). The average value of the moisture content, the protein content, the fat content, the ash content, the crude fibre, and carbohydrate of all the analysed spiced samples ranged as follows; (7.50-12.00%), (2.19-14.70%), (0.13 -4.36 %), (0.49 – 16.16%), (3.36- 6.64%), (69.92 % – 87.72 %) respectively. Also, the average elemental composition of the samples are in the range of; Fe(11.62 – 27.99 mg/kg), Mg(26.29 – 82.18 mg/kg), Zn(4.20 – 20.45 mg/kg), Ca(45.97-103.23 mg/kg), Mn(1.729 – 18.734) respectively. The moisture contents of the samples were found to be low thus making them to have a longer shelf life and less open to degeneration and spoilage by the action of mold and other microorganism which flourish well at higher moisture contents. The protein and carbohydrate contents were relatively high compared to other food samples. The mineral and trace metals composition were within the acceptable standards required by the body. This food samples have enough nutritional value to contribute to our health and solve the problem of malnutrition in Nigeria.

Key Words: Spiced, Unspiced, Millet, Elemental Composition, Proximate


Food is anything meant to give energy or nourishment to the body. It is any substance eating by living organisms to provide nutrient to the body [1]. It originated from plants and animals. Some of the components have to go through digestion to become beneficial to the body; some of the components might not digest [2]. Food can also be classified based on the types of nutrient it contains and its role in the body [3]. A nutrient is a compound needed by the body for energy, growth, basic physiological processes and the overall health. Also nutrient is a source of nourishment e.g food that can be hydrolyse by an organism to give energy and build tissue [4].