The Effect of Reclamation of Lamong Bay Port toward Fishermen Livelihood in Morokrembangan, Surabaya, Indonesia

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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume III, Issue VIII, August 2019 | ISSN 2454–6186

The Effect of Reclamation of Lamong Bay Port toward Fishermen Livelihood in Morokrembangan, Surabaya, Indonesia

Dewi Casmiwati1, Ahmad Zubir bin Ibrahim2, Zawiyah Binti Mohd. Zain3, Ahmad Haruna Abubakar4
1Department of Public Administration, University of Hang Tuah, Surabaya, Indonesia
2,3School of Government, College of Law, Government and International Study, Universiti Utara Malaysia
4Faculty of Economics and Management Science, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Terengganu, Malaysia

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Abstract:-This research aims to explore the effect of development process of Lamong Bay Port toward the fishermen livelihood in Morokrembangan, Surabaya, Indonesia. The study used primary data and analyzed by interpretive thematic method. The result shows that the development of Lamong Bay Port reduces the fishermen area for fishing significantly and the fishermen can not depend on fishing for their livelihood. They seek another job outside fishing, and based on the finding, the research recommends Lamong Bay to provide job for fishermen and for Surabaya government needs to preserve the fishermen fishing location.

Keywords: Lamong Bay Port, Reclamation, Development


Fishermen’s life cannot be separate from the political and social context that surrounds them (Dahuri, 2002; Massadun & Nurpratiwi, 2016). This happens also in fishermen community in Morokrembangan, Indonesia. Morokrembangan is one of the fishermen communities located in north Surabaya and is heavily affected by industrial development, especially expansion of land (reclamation) by Lamong Bay Port under Pelindo III (Fitria, 2016). Morokrembangan has a river with a length of about 500 meter and width of 8-9 meter and is about 2-3 metter from residential areas (BPS, 2017). The river is also used for fishing boats parking, but the condition of the river now is very alarming because it is polluted by various wastes, both industrial waste and household waste (Observation, 2018). Lamong Bay Port is a new Port that is built by Pelindo III (State-Owned Enterprises) in the North Surabaya area. The aim is to become a loading and unloading port. Pelindo III conducts reclamation for its construction. It’s just that when conducting reclamation, Pelindo III collects a beach where fishermen in coastal areas in Morokrembangan are looking for fish. These fishermen have been conducting these fishing activities which is their main livelihood. But with the reclamation for Lamong Bay Port, their livelihoods is under threat (Survey, 2018). So, the future of fishermen in Morokrembangan also becomes questionable.