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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) |Volume VI, Issue XII, December 2022|ISSN 2454-6186

Work-Life Balance Survey Among Doctors at Southern and Uva Provinces Hospitals in Sri Lanka

Jayantha T. Vitharana1 and W. M. I. Udayanganie2
1District General Hospital, Monaragala, Sri Lanka.
2Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka

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Abstract: The work-life balance has become a much-discussed topic in today ‘s context in relation to many groups that are affected by many complexities and the highly demanding nature of the modern world. This research focused on doctors’ work-life balance in the Southern and Uva provinces in Sri Lanka. The study emphasized the impact of Time Management, Job Autonomy, Work Demands, and Family Demands on the work-life balance of doctors. A quantitative questionnaire survey was conducted at Hospitals in Southern and Uva provinces which consisted of 128 respondents. The collected data were subjected to descriptive and inferential statistics. It is concluded that all the variables have a significant relationship with the work-life balance of doctors in these provinces.

Keywords: Work-Life Balance, Time Management, Job Autonomy, Work Demands, Family Demands, Doctors.


The idea of WLB has gained significant attention in recent years in the literature on HRM. It places a focus on managing an individual’s professional career, family obligations, and other personal activities well (Keelan, 2015). Furthermore, changes due to globalization, people’s roles at work have also evolved (Joshi et al., 2002). Even if it is still viewed as being necessary, work is also important for increasing personal fulfillment. Therefore, the implementation of work-life benefits and programs in organizations is one of the driving forces that aid in the achievement of personal and professional goals (Joshi et al., 2002). This research emphasizes on the work-life balance of doctors in Sri Lanka considering a study conducted at National Hospital Kandy (A.J.P Jeyaseelan, P.P Premkumar, 2018). The survey highlights a significant relationship between the work environment, family environment, family and community groups, physical well-being, and mental well-being on the work-life balance of medical officers.
The purpose of this study is to evaluate doctors’ work-life balance in the context of the many difficulties they deal with on a daily basis while performing their professional duties. Sri Lanka’s healthcare system plays a vital role in view of economic development of the country by assuring the optimal health of its citizen. In addition, Sri Lanka is an excellent destination for medical tourism owing to high-quality medical expertise and care, minimal waiting lines, and affordable and freely accessible health care. In addition, it is a peaceful and popular tourist destination, with an ideal climate which makes it the perfect place to improve recuperation.