A Review of Using Phase Change Materials to Improve the Productivity of a Solar Still.

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VIII, Issue VIII, August 2021 | ISSN 2321–2705

A Review of Using Phase Change Materials to Improve the Productivity of a Solar Still

Abbas Sahi Shareef1, Hayder Jabbar Kurji2, Hassan Abdulameer Matrood3
1,2,3, Mechanical Engineering Department, Engineering College, Kerbala University, Kerbala, Iraq

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Abstract: To desalinate saline water and produce pure water, it is possible to use solar still technology (which is based on solar energy). This energy is abundant, free, renewable, and does not harm the environment. Because solar stills depend on solar radiation, their working time is only during daylight hours. Phase transition materials are used to maintain the freshwater production process’s continuity while also increasing the solar still’s productivity and efficiency. These materials are characterized by their ability to store and release large amounts of heat (latent heat) during the phase change. The daily production of solar stills can increase (50-125%) when using phase change materials. The new materials in current work (PVP K30: polyvinyl pyrrolidine, and PAA: polyacrylic acid) contribute to increasing the working hours of the distiller between (3-4) hours after sunset. Thus, the daily production quantity amount can increase by (50-75) %.

Keywords: solar energy, Solar still, Phase change material.


Water shortage is the most important problem facing the world [1]. As it is one factor affecting the economic development of every country. Some studies have showed that a third of the world’s population will suffer from severe water shortage by 2025. 97 percent of the water on the planet’s surface is salt water. (fig 1. Show world water distribution) and is unfit for human consumption [2]. There is another problem of great importance as well, which is energy. The disadvantage of existing fossil fuel energy is its high cost, consumptiveness and environmental pollution [3] [4].
To solve energy problems, researchers turned to the study and exploitation of solar energy because its free, renewable