A Study on Groundwater Quality around Ariyamangalam Dumping Site in Trichy

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VI, Issue V, May 2019 | ISSN 2321–2705

A Study on Groundwater Quality around Ariyamangalam Dumping Site in Trichy

Senthamizhselvan T

IJRISS Call for paper

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Bharathiyar College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikal, India

Abstract– Questionnaire survey was conducted in the study area to know about the health impact due to leachate from solid waste dumping site. Totally 12 groundwater samples were collected around Ariyamangalam, Trichy. Physic-chemical analyses were carried out as per APHA procedure. Analyzed result were compared with BIS (IS 10500: 2012). Water quality index were calculated from the analyzed parameters. Statistical analysis such as correlation analysis was performed by using SPSS 17 software. Finally we suggest that to improve the treatment and final disposal of municipal solid waste while people have to be co-operated with local authorities to decrease the generation of solid waste and the closing of open dumps and the implementation of modern and environmentally safe landfills or alternatives to waste disposal.

Keywords – Groundwater, Questionnaire survey, Physic-chemical parameter, Water quality index, Correlation analysis.


The growth of municipal solid waste generation in India has increased with population growth in recent years. Impact dumping and management of solid waste cause hazards to the ground water & inhabitant. The estimated MSW generation in Trichy city is about 400 to 600 tons per day, which is facilitated by an open dumping yard namely Ariyamangalam garbage ground. The dumping site is positioned at 10˚48’N and 78˚43’E. The ground altitude of the dumping site is 75.875m above Mean Sea Level (MSL). It covers a total surface area of 47.7 acres. The dumpsite is in poor condition as site is freely accessible and hence visited by rag pickers as well as assortment of animals. Figures show the description of dumping site. The City Corporation collects the waste daily in all wards during 6.30-10.30hrs and 14.30-17.30hrs.


Trichy is well known for its high Academic Institutions, continuous perennial water flow, and high monuments of major religions. This Corporation has earned first place in Sanitation among the cities in Tamil Nadu and sixth place among the cities in India. The present population of Municipal Corporation is 1,082,975 with total 70 wards.There are 1 International Airport and 4 Railway stations in the city. The town and its famous landmark called Rockfort Temple were built by the Nayaks of Madurai. The other main landmarks are Sri Rangam, Cauvery River, Coleroon River.