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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume IV, Issue XII, December 2017 | ISSN 2321–2705  

Cross Cultural Communication & Effective Communication

Dr. Reetika Sood
Assistant Professor (English), Maharaja Agrasen University, Baddi, Solan (H.P), India

Abstract: With the increased globalization, it is essential to establish and maintain effective cross cultural communication. Post-liberalization, the early 1990s gave a plethora of opportunities to Indian companies. Not only were they subjected to more competition, they also had the option of moving outside their shores in search of business. India has tied a knot with foreign countries for the various business deals. Indian market has tremendously risen in couple of years. Business Communication is of paramount importance. Good and effective communication is the key to success in global market and will also help in guiding one through the different challenges that a business might face.

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Keywords: Globalization, Post-liberalization, Business Communication, Plethora.


Communication that is done especially with people of different nationalities is known as cross-cultural communication. This type of communication involves an understanding of how people from different cultures speak, communicate, and perceive the world around them. There are several aspects of communication which differ from culture to culture. For instance cultural differences may determine how loud or low we talk: The directness with which we speak the amount of emotions we express in our conversation, verbal and non-verbal signals like facial expressions, eye contact, posture tone and pitch of our speech. Interestingly, all this may be misconstrued in an altogether different manner, depending upon the respondent’s own bringing up and cultural variety. It is because of this variegated cultural confluence at work place that creates significant challenges to effective communication beyond the barriers. In present scenario, there have been significant changes in the political, social, economic, and financial fronts in business. All these changes however demand demonstration of stronger and better capabilities than your competition as an individual, a team, and a company. Cross cultural communication is important in International Business to develop products and services, Communicating and interacting with foreign business partners, screening and selecting foreign distributors and other partners, to attend various exhibitions and trade fairs held in overseas.