Dataveillance Robot Using Raspberry Pi

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VII, Issue III, March 2020 | ISSN 2321–2705

Dataveillance Robot Using Raspberry Pi

Abishek Godwin.S
 Student, St.Mother Theresa Engineering Collage, Vagaikulam, Tuticorin, India

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Abstract:- The primary target of this paper is to build up a virtual condition for distinguishing suspicious and focused on places for client with no loss of human life. It depends on advancement of a robot vehicle for watching/seeing the suspicious items. It can ceaselessly screen the objects. Robot can move toward each path (left, right, forward and backward).It is utilized for video reconnaissance what’s more, remotely controls the specific spot utilizing Wi-Fi as medium. The webcam which is set on the automated unit will catch the video and it transmits vivacious to the remote end. The significant utilization of this paper can be dissected utilizing HTML site page which can be utilized to control the development of the robot.L293D is fourfold double H-Bridge engine driven IC.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi3, Robotic Chassis, Web, USB Cameras.


Raspberry Pi is a card estimated PC. It works nearly same as a PC. There are various sorts of observation frameworks accessible, for example, camera, CCTV and so on., In these sorts of observation frameworks, the individual who is stationary and is situated in that specific region can as it were ready to see what’s going on in that place. Though, here, regardless of whether the client is moving starting with one spot then onto the next, he/she can monitor what’s going on in that specific spot at specific time. Additionally, another preferred position is that it offers protection on the two sides since it is being seen by just a single individual. The other huge bit of leeway is that, it is a simple and basic circuit for understanding and structuring. The working framework utilized here is Raspbian OS. Raspbian Operating system must be introduced with the goal that the picture can be transmitted to the cell phone Closed circuit TV observing framework has now become a crucial gadget in the present society. Robots have discovered a radically expanding interest for various scope of work in life. Their utilization in armed force and other security division expands step by step. Our paper incorporates one such occasion of how a robot can be of use to human race when all is said in done. Right now, utilize the web to build up correspondence between the client and a mechanical vehicle