Evaluation of Laterite Soil Stabilized using Waste Paper Sludge

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VII, Issue V, May 2020 | ISSN 2321–2705

Evaluation of Laterite Soil Stabilized using Waste Paper Sludge

 Akshatha B A1, Abijith Jain2
1Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, N D R K I T, Hassan, India
2Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, B I T, Mangalore, India

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Abstract— A method of improving the properties of soil by blending and mixing it with other materials is known as Soil stabilization. In this paper an attempt is made to use waste paper sludge (WPS) as stabilizing agent in rural road construction in combination with lateritic soil (LS) and also intended to find the properties such as Compaction, Shear properties, California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and Durability, when lateritic soil is replaced with waste paper sludge at different mix proportions (2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10%). The result has shown that the mix proportions of waste paper sludge at 6% gives good strength.

Keywords—Laterite soil, Compaction, CBR and UCC


Soil stabilization means a method of changing the properties of soil by mixing the soil with other materials or stabilizers using different methods like mechanical, alternative and chemical methods. Soil stabilization process is applied on the situations where sub soils are not suitable for construction and construction of highways, bridges, dams, runways; buildings etc.
Stabilization improves the properties of construction materials and considerable proportion of their strength is retained after saturation with water. Stabilization sometimes may cause thermal and shrinkage cracks which can allow water to enter the pavement and Strength of layer can decrease due to the reversible stabilization reaction by the attack of CO2 to the material.
Utilization of locally available materials for construction projects will helps to save construction cost, transportation charges and protects environment. At present economic and environmental situation, more pressures are put on engineers to find out suitable methods to re-use any waste materials which are locally available so that project cost will be less and the impact of waste on the environment can be minimized. Waste materials acts as alternative materials to use as stabilizer in soil stabilization process. They showed good potential for improving strength and stability of weak soil. In this work, the possibility of using waste paper sludge as an additive to stabilize locally available laterite soil is studied.