Experimental and Numerical Study of Reinforced Silty Clay Soil in Delta

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VII, Issue II, February 2020 | ISSN 2321–2705

Experimental and Numerical Study of Reinforced Silty Clay Soil in Delta

Khaled M. M. Bahloul
Lecturer, Department of Construction Engineering, October High Institute of Engineering and Technology, Egypt

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Abstract:-Soil reinforcement is a recent and special field of soil improvement. It covers a range of techniques, which consists of placing inclusions in soil. The most studies devoted partly or totally the behavior of foundation on reinforced subgrade without regarding the basic characteristics of the reinforced soil. So, the paper presents an experimental investigation into the mechanical and compressibility properties of the reinforced silty clay samples by jute cloth Geotextile (JGT) at intermediate depth, also, the paper studied numerically the effect of JGT reinforcement on the bearing capacity of footing on silty clay soil using Plaxis software. The effects of the reinforcement on shear stress and shear failure were studied. The results indicated that the presence of such reinforcement has a considerable effect in increasing the shear strength of the reinforced samples, decreasing compressibility and increasing bearing capacity of foundations constructed on reinforced soil.

Keywords: Soil reinforcement, Jute cloth geotextile, Shear stress, Shear parameters, Compressibility, Bearing capacity, Plaxis.


Recently there has been a strong demand for the use of Geotextiles for improving mechanical properties of cohesive soils. Because these properties played important role in determination of the bearing capacity and settlement under foundations. Also, it were used in a wide range in computer programs. The bearing capacity problems of different foundations on reinforced soils are getting wider day by day with advent of the researchers to improve the foundation soil conditions. The techniques of soil reinforcement were done by including new materials into the soil in various forms as Multi membrane and grid which, including fabrics as geogrid, geocel and commonly geotextiles. The geotextile membrane can withstand only tensile forces. The most important kinds of fabrics are geotextile and geogrid. Geotextile is the name now universally adopted for fabrics used in geotechnical engineering. They have been used extensively in reinforcement of soil for foundation uses. For more than a decade geotextile fabrics have been used for subgrade stabilization of soft foundation soils. Applications of fabrics in civil engineering have been successfully developed and offer benefits in terms of economics, durability and performance. Fabrics play important role in geotechnical engineering works, especially highway and railroad, reinforced soil, stabilization of soil or rock slopes, drainage control, embankment, dams, and tunnels.