Heat Generation and Dufour Influences on Mhd Convective Flow Through an Inclined Channel

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VIII, Issue V, May 2021 | ISSN 2321–2705

Heat Generation and Dufour Influences on Mhd Convective Flow Through an Inclined Channel

Achogo, Wisdom Hezekiah, Isobeye George, Nwagor Peters
Department of Mathematics/Statistics, Ignatius Ajuru University of education, P.M.B 5047 Rumuolumeni, Nigeria.

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The theoretical assessment of the impacts of velocity, temperature, concentration varieties and magnetic fields on convective intermittent stream was studied on an electrically directing, viscous and incompressible fluid through a permeable medium in a slanted plane. A bunch of coupled partial differential equations emerging from the issue were converted to space dependent ordinary differential equations with a single term perturbation techniques and solved systematically by the technique of undetermined coefficients. The answers for the temperature, concentration and velocity were shown in plots. From the plots, the accompanying outcomes have been drawn; it is seen that expansion in the Prandtl number declines the temperature, expansion in the Reynolds number reduces the temperature and concentration of the fluid, expansion in the Schmidt number abates the concentration making it more critical at the centre of the flow region, expansion in penetrability prompts expansion in the speed and expansion in the magnetic field prompts decline in the speed, a decrease in the temperature profile is noted owing to the increase in the heat generation, expansion in Dufour number increases both the temperature and speed profiles.

Keywords: Dufour, Free convection, magnetohydrodynamics, porous medium, inclined channel, thermal radiation

Permeable medium is a medium that has interconnected pores where liquids can move through. It is valuable as it is very well utilized in the powerful insurance of some underlying parts of turbojet and rocket motors, for example, ignition chamber dividers, fumes spouts or gas turbine sharp edges from hot gases. Eckert and Drake(1958) and Jain and Bansal(1973) portrayed warmth move decrease of coutte stream of incompressible liquid infused into the stream field from a plate that is fixed opposite the expulsion of warmth from a plate that is moving. It has a two dimensional issue in capsulated by uniform infusion and suction applied at the permeable plate. Gersten and Gross(1974) checked warmth move along a plane wall with occasional suction velocity.
MHD meaning magnetohydrodynamic fluid is a fluid that conducts electricity in electric and magnetic fields. It incorporates fluid dynamics and electromagnetic assertions to describe concurrent effects of magnetic field on the flow and vice versa. Its concern is on gases that are ionized and liquids that are electrically conducting. Varieties of papers have evolved over the years on this concept.