Integrating the Information Systems: Proposal to develop a Library LMS

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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume VI, Issue I, January 2022 | ISSN 2454–6186

Integrating the Information Systems: Proposal to develop a Library LMS

D.N.T. Gunawardhana
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

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Abstract : Library is not limited to offering resources for learning and teaching. Traditional library services are rapidly changing and library professionals are going beyond their limits of the duty list to provide maximum contribution to their users. They are coming out of the library and serve as resource persons, instructors, lecturers, research helpers, mentors, counselors and play many roles in the academic environment. They are giving their contribution to enhance learning and teaching by conducting lectures, seminars and workshops on research based sessions such as literature searching, plagiarism, referencing, thesis writing, abstract writing, research publishing, data analysis, research methodology etc. These works (content and knowledge) should be stored in an information system such as the University Learning Management System (LMS). With the COVID pandemic situation the need for such a system is very high due to the importance of online learning environment. That is why Library Learning Management System (Library LMS) is subjected to discussion. The duty list of library professionals is being redefined accordingly. Library professionals consist of the multidisciplinary subject streams. They contribute to teaching by conducting online lectures, creating online learning materials, providing new tools and techniques, conducting consultancy for research support using their subject knowledge. Then students will get many benefits such as download available learning materials, video lectures, make an appointment for online tutors, get “ask help” service and meet subject specialists when they have a “Library LMS”. It may have two tasks when establish a “Library LMS”. The first task is to develop a “Library LMS” as a sub system of the existing Library Management System. The second task is to integrate it with the University LMS.

Keywords: Learning Management System, Library Learning Management System, Library, Library LMS, LMS, University Libraries


Universities use the Learning Management Systems(LMS) as a tool to deliver lectures and learning materials, conduct online exams, conduct discussions, online meetings. “Educational services are being converted as electronic services from course registration to getting transcript certificates through Information Systems” (Gunawardhana, 2018, p. 16). “Libraries can and should explore ways of using LMSs to connect with students and faculty members to support teaching and learning” (Lockhart, 2021, p. 391). Libraries conduct programs on user awareness, literature searching, plagiarism and referencing, online resources, data analysis, research methodology as well. “In academic institutions the storage of libraries’ resources is not enough and libraries must project them into users’ learning environment” (Papic & Stricevic, 2012, p. 239). “Librarians need to be proactive in integrating library resources into courseware, creating visibility and increasing the relevance and impact of the library to students and faculty” (Kampa, 2017, p. 16).