Protection of Diesel Generators from Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP)

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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Applied Science (IJRIAS) | Volume V, Issue VI, June 2020 | ISSN 2454-6194

Protection of Diesel Generators from Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) 

  Vladimir Gurevich
Central Electric Laboratory, Israel Electric Corp.

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Abstract -Modern backup power sources, based on diesel generator sets without any special protection, will likely be damaged under the impact of High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) over spacious areas. They will be incapable to perform in critical situations for which they have actually been designed. This article suggests practical protection measures for microprocessor-controlled diesel generators of various capacity and purpose.
Keywords -electromagnetic pulse, HEMP, diesel generator, protection, microprocessor, controller


The electromagnetic pulse that occurs during the high altitude (40-400 km) nuclear explosion (HEMP) creates the electric field density of up to 50 kV/m at the ground surface. This creates extreme danger for all types of electric and electronic equipment [1]. The problem of diesel generator (DG) protection from HEMP becomes particularly relevant as DGs act as backup power sources. They are designed to power up critical loads in emergency situations. Consequently, they need to be absolutely ready for use even under HEMP conditions.