Review on Vanadium Pentoxide Thin Films Coated by Varying Thickness and Temperatures and Their Obtained Bandgaps

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VII, Issue II, February 2020 | ISSN 2321–2705

Review on Vanadium Pentoxide Thin Films Coated by Varying Thickness and Temperatures and Their Obtained Bandgaps

Vinoth.G, Abinaya.S, Mohan Rangam Kadiresan
 Department of Physics, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Eachanari Post, Pollachi Main Road, Coimbatore – 641 021, Tamilnadu, India

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Abstract: – In the past decade delectable properties and the utilization of vanadium pentoxide thin films have attracted the attention of most researchers. An important role of V2O5 thin film applications, namely cathode material for Li batteries, gas sensors, transistors, resistance (in the form of thin film) and catalysts. This review summarizes the list of a few preparation methods of thin films known till now and different thickness of films, temperature and obtained bandgap from different methods.

Keywords: Vanadium pentoxide, vacuum evaporation method, electron beam evaporation, pulsed laser deposition, thickness and temperature.


An engrossing property of vanadium is more than one stable multiple oxide state and the order of oxide compounds is VO2,V2O5,VO, V2O3[1-3]. Vanadium pentoxide has certain convenient properties such as thermo-electro chromic behavior, conducting to semiconducting transition and high co-efficient resistance. The wide range of applications of vanadium oxide are optoelectronic device, optical switches, gas sensors and smart windows[1-6]. Well-known vanadium pentoxide manifests insulator to conduct phase transition at the temperature of  257ºC[7]. N-type semiconducting V2O5 has 2.3 eV [8]. V2O5comes under orthorhombic structure unit cell, and the values of lattice parameters a, b, c are (11.510Å, 3.563Å and 4.369Å)[9]. The prepared V2O5 thin films recruit from a few techniques, namelyelectron beam evaporation, thermal vacuum evaporation, reactive sputtering, pulsed laser deposition and sol-gel (dip-coating). Amorphous and polycrystalline vanadium have been investigated [10-12]. V2O5 is a premium catalyst as a chemical[13]. The shared corners, faces, edges of pentagonal by pyramids, tetrahedral, octahedral and square pyramids are combined to form an excellent variety of structural arrangements [9]