Rural Market in Odisha: A Case Analysis w.r.t K.B.K., Odisha

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Rural Market in Odisha

International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume IV, Issue XII, December 2017 | ISSN 2321–2705 

Rural Market in Odisha: A Case Analysis w.r.t K.B.K., Odisha

Prof. (Dr.) Joysingha Mishra, Abhijeet Singh

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Dept. of Business Administration, ABIT Group of Institutions, Cuttack, Odisha, 


The paper is to examine the impact of marketing strategies on rural Odisha and shift of MNC absorption towards the Indian rural market with special respect to KBK Areas. Veryoften, rural marketing is confused with agricultural marketing, Particular emphasis is placed on the impact of the four A’s principles on the economy and its participants namely farmers, landless labourers and marketing rural intermediaries where the marketing had a positive effect on all these through the creation of vast marketing opportunities. The driving force for this success were generating virtuous cycles in the transition marketing. It observed from recent survey that only Trade Fair and Cultural Fest are not enough to create ample marketing opportunities for Rural market in research areas of Odisha. Nearly one third of the population of our country is more than 1.1 billion are living below the poverty line in rural areas. Poverty remains at anenduringstate for almost 30 percent of rural population of India. The occurrence of rural poverty has declined somewhat over the past three decades as a result of rural to urban immigration. While Odisha has rich in resources but it still in bottom level in the list of development index. Currently Odisha is a rural dominated state with 12.6 Percent in respect to Indian economy. The present paper is an attempt to discuss about the rural marketing challenges and scopes. Sustainable Development Goal aims to end poverty in all its forms everywhere by 2030. DEFINITION Rural marketing is defined as a function that manages all activities involved in assessing, stimulating and converting power of rural consumers into an effective demand for specific products and services and moving these products and services to the people in rural areas to create satisfaction for a better standard of living and there by achieving organisational goals. This paper contains and carries the meaning of definition of Rural marketing but few addition are given by including KBK areas as Rural geographic for our research.