Using Assorted Fruits to Teach Cultural and Creative Art Concepts in Primary Schools in Nasarawa State

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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume V, Issue IX, September 2021 | ISSN 2454–6186

Using Assorted Fruits to Teach Cultural and Creative Art Concepts in Primary Schools in Nasarawa State

Keswet, Larai Andrew1, Pam Gavou Thomas2, Pam Jerry Thomas3
1,2Department of Science and Technology Educational, University of Jos, Nigeria
3University of Nigeria, Nsukka Department of Fine and Applied Arts

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Abstract: This study identified fruits that could be used to teach cultural and creative art concepts in the primary school. The area of the study was Nasarawa State. The research design was survey. Teachers in government and private primary schools formed the respondents. A sample of 200 teachers was randomly selected. A structured questionnaire was used for data collection. Reliability coefficient of 0.8 was obtained as the overall coefficient for the instrument. The findings of the study revealed that fruits could be used to teach concepts such as colour, shapes, texture, printing, taste, among others. Some recommendations were put forward based on the findings of the study.

Key words: Assorted fruits, cultural and creative arts, primary pupils, texture, taste, shapes, and colours.


Primary school education is the education given in an educational institution to children aged 6-12 years before entering the secondary school (Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2014). The purpose of primary school education as stated by National Policy on Education (2014) among others shall be to provide the child with the basic skill in logical thinking, to introduce the child to the basic concept of spatial relationships and to prepare children for the secondary education. The primary school programme is usually done for six years with the aim of grooming the child for the next level of education as stated by NPE (2014). In other to make this aim come true, certain subjects are taught.

Subjects offered in primary schools in Nigeria include, English language, Mathematics, basic science and technology, Religion and National values, cultural and creative arts and prevocational studies. Cultural and creative arts is composed of many creative endeavours and disciplines. It’s the expression of creativity, imagination and arrangement of concepts such as, texture, measurement, colours, shapes, printings, taste. At this state, the child can associate objects with colours, taste, shapes, texture with concrete things he sees, touches, eats, listens to (that is the child learns best when he involves the five senses in the process of learning).