Evolution of Communication

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume V, Issue I, January 2018 | ISSN 2321–2705

Evolution of Communication


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Assistant Professor, Department of English, AITS, Tirupati, India

Abstract: Our present state of the world in which we live is, because of certain systems like social, political, economic, religious………etc. all these wove together into a complex structure called society. We live in what has been called the ‘Informatic Age’ the electronic media bombards our sense with all sorts of sounds and pictures bytes. The advent of globalisation and privatisation is injecting changes in our life styles. In the borderless world that we are moving, competition is fierce, be it in resource management or in capturing markets. Globalization has opened up fantastic opportunities not only for trade and technology transfer but also for the technician engineers, accountants and managers….all these began with the art of communication. It is as old as mankind itself. It is older than the written word or even the spoken word. Human beings learnt to communicate much before they learnt to speak, read or write. People learnt to express themselves from sounds, grunts, actions, signs, gestures. Different theories regarding the origin of language or speech, the main theories are the bow-wow, the pooh – pooh, the ding dong, the gesture, the yo-he-yo, the musical, the contact.

Key words: complex structure, informatic age, globalization, privatisation, communication, bow-wow, pooh pooh, ding dong, gesture, yo-he-yo, musical, contact

Communication is at once the course and consequence of powerful world order. Development of varied and sophisticated means of communication over a period time has brought human beings across the globe closer and has facilitated speedy and effective transmission of thoughts and ideas. Communication galvanizes action among individuals, organisations, societies and the world community at large. That is why communication is not unique to human beings. Communication encompasses all living beings and pervades the animal world as well. Birds and animals also communicate. The sounds they make carry some meaning.