Improving Power Captured of Variable Speed Wind Turbine by using Adaptive Control Algorithm

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VIII, Issue VI, June 2021 | ISSN 2321–2705

Improving Power Captured of Variable Speed Wind Turbine by using Adaptive Control Algorithm

Mebiratu Allo Begawo1, Gete Tesfaye Zelie2
1Master’s Scholar in Control and Instrumentation engineering at Hawassa University Institute of technology Hawassa, Ethiopia
2M.Sc. in power system engineering at Assosa University College of Engineering Assosa, Ethiopia

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Abstract – Wind energy generated by using wind as a fuel is clean and non-polluting as a result it has become more widespread today. However, the uncertainty in the aerodynamic parameters make the wind energy to cost more. Many researches have been done to increase the wind turbine efficiency, but they fail to consider this uncertain aerodynamic parameters. In this paper an adaptive control technique, which resembles the existing quadratic controller used by the wind industry for variable speed wind turbines below rated power, is designed to reduce the negative effects of this uncertainty. This adaptive controller uses a simple, highly intuitive extremum seeking scheme designed to seek out the optimal gain for maximizing the turbine’s energy capture. The adaptive controller has been tested and validated using MATLAB simulation.

Key terms: adaptive control, extremum seeking scheme, gradient, stability, variable speed wind turbine


Wind energy is a rapidly growing renewable energy source within the world today. The process of wind power generation will never release any pollutants to the atmosphere, thus it does not yield any end-results, which could damage the environment. Nowadays, wind turbines must contend with various other energy generations. Hence, they should produce power with less cost. The wind turbine efficiency can be increased by developing advanced and sophisticated control algorithms. The focus of this report is the design of an adaptive controller to maximize energy capture at lower wind speeds. Wind turbines can be divided according to the orientation of the spin axis in to horizontal and vertical axis type turbines.