Stress among Women & Its Management

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Stress among Women & Its Management

International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume IV, Issue XII, December 2017 | ISSN 2321–2705 

Stress among Women & Its Management

Sapna Vyas

IJRISS Call for paper

Research Scholar, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

Abstract: Today the world is open for women in each an every field. Women are working everywhere and playing her role efficiently. Every where whether its space, supports, businesses, banks, colleges, engineering, railways, army, police, air force, many tough job, she is taking these jobs and facing challenges easily. Leading Indian banks have CEO’s are women. All women are expertise and keep making their mark on area of work. Indian companies and work places have become so 21st century with the challenges and opportunities it offers. In sports like cricket, hockey, badminton, tennis and kabbadi all female athletes are performing well. In every field women is facing same challenges like man do, even may be more just because she is woman. In this paper I try to explain their problem and create stress situation among women, including few management techniques as well. Stress among Women.


Woman are not restricted to become homemaker only, she is now playing role of working woman, giving her participation in both home and work place. Indian society is not ready to accept change in few things, still have traditional thinking like woman is only homemaker. These kind of thinking make more challenging for woman in daily life when she start her career the thing she loves to do. Being a woman she has to face so many obstacles in her personal and professional life. She has to balance between her work and her home, which is not an easy task to do. These kinds of things make her unrest, tired, frustrated and forget to her exactly what she is? This entire situation to make balance between work, home and playing a lot of roles in a day put her under Stress. Women are not only homemaker but these days when she started working outside makes a bit tedious job. If a mother who is an employee in organization she has to complete her work as well as she has to help her children’s homework. She is attending board meetings and attend schools parents teacher meeting too. The missing support and infrastructure are building a lot of stress. Many of these are the first generation in their families stepping out of work. And most strive to maintain continuity with the roles their mother used to play out home like managing house, relationships, rearing children. They have added a lot of extra work and subtracted very little. This added work creates stress for them.