A Review of resilience effects of single mother entrepreneurs and lifestyle

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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume V, Issue III, March 2021 | ISSN 2454–6186

 A Review of resilience effects of single mother entrepreneurs and lifestyle

Ika Indrawaty Hamzah1, Farouk Djermani2, Idris M. Ben Omran3
1College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education and Modern Languages,
2&3Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business, Universiti Utara Malaysia 06010

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Abstract: There is a need for single mothers to raise the ability to survive to face the complex challenges in their life. These challenges could be seen in work, finance, childcare, and social support. Therefore, developing self-resilience to solve problems and face challenges seems necessary to lead to a productive, healthy life. One way to be taken is to become an entrepreneur who initiates a business to guarantee the family’s economic stability. Several factors are seen to be contributing to the success of single mothers’ entrepreneurial activities, such as skills, training, motivations, and initiatives. This study focuses on the effects of the role of the entrepreneurial resilience and lifestyle of single mothers. Therefore, this study recommends that single mothers deserve assistance in their entrepreneurial journey in order to increase their independence and elevate the self-resilience to livelihood obstacles.

Keywords: Single mother, Resilience, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle


Single mothers experience more complex problems than complete families. The thing is, single mothers, show an increase every year. Being a single mother is not an easy thing. Single mothers face many problems, including adversity and emotional well-being, budget challenges, and redundant work issues (Mustari, Ya’kob, Chik, Jasmi, & Mohamed. (2004). When the title of a single mother is assumed, problems of adaptation and adjustment must be made due to the loss of important persons in daily functional life (Nichols, 2010). Other problems that affect single mothers include work, childcare, social assistance, and time (Escudos, Boogmans, Loots., & Friedlander, 2012). Therefore, the role of a single mother is quite complicated in facing life’s challenges.
Besides, the role of developing resilience may authorize single mothers to face the challenges while leading psychologically healthy and productive lives (Taylor & Conger, 2017). They need tenacity and family support to become a mother as well as a father in a household. An entrepreneur and a company that changes business models or may stop their business activities in the face of new challenges may be considered to be more resilient. Therefore, entrepreneurial success can be considered one indicator to determine the outcome after entrepreneurs experience various obstacles in business activities.
Previous research has stated that the majority of women start their businesses to provide added flexibility and balance in life, income generation, freedom, time spent with children,