Beverage Cans Crusher Machine Patents: A Review: Part VIII

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International Journal of Research and Scientific Innovation (IJRSI) | Volume VII, Issue V, May 2020 | ISSN 2321–2705

Beverage Cans Crusher Machine Patents: A Review: Part VIII

Ashraf Elfasakhany
Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Taif University, PO Box 888, Taif, Saudi Arabia

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Abstract: This study is very useful for inventors to get information about early patents. A review study for patents of CAN crusher machines is presented in this paper within the period between 1981 and 1984. The study covered about forty-eight patents. A summary of each patent is presented in a very brief way. However, details about each patent could be presented in a separate study. This study is the first step for any inventor towards new invention.
Keywords: Patents, Review Study; CAN crusher machines period 1981−1984.


This study is a part if our review studies for different topics in mechanical engineering approaches, see e.g., [1−48]. The patents of CAN crusher machines is studied and reviewed in several author’s early studies, see, e.g., [49−58]. The study here is dedicated for review study within the period from 1981 to 1984, as presented next.

1. CAN compacter, Patent number: 4489649

A CAN compacter gathering including an engine, a liquid direct determined by the engine, a liquid barrel operatively associated with the liquid pump, a cylinder versatile arranged in the liquid chamber, a plunger associated with the cylinder and arranged outside the liquid chamber however slidably inside a plunger slide get together, and a support arranged neighboring the plunger slide get together, the support being adjusted to get a CAN and being additionally adjusted to get the plunger, whereby the plunger is adjusted to practice a compressive power against the CAN to reduce the CAN [59].

2. Aluminum/steel CAN separator and baler, Patent number: 4483248

The reusing machine is furnished with a baling chamber having a cyclable pressure driven slam. The smash cycles constantly, and each time it withdraws, close to a foreordained number of jars are admitted to the baling chamber for pounding and adding to the bundle in that. An including instrument is given and additionally a system for isolating steel jars before baling [60].

3. Apparatus for crushing metal containers and associated method, Patent number: 4483246

Mechanical assembly to crush a majority of metal holders into a unitary compacted unit and the strategy related therewith. A first power worked slam which responds inside a compaction chamber. A supply of jars is brought into the compaction chamber ideally by a foreordained weight estimation. The entryway between the supply source and the compaction chamber is worked by development of the slam and its related platen. Each successive charge of jars is packed in the compaction chamber until a compacted unit of foreordained size and weight is built up. In another encapsulation miseries might be given to dispose of the need to beds in dealing with gatherings of compacted units. A moveable floor part is opened to allow the compacted unit to be conveyed to a basic release chamber. A second fueled smash moves the compacted unit out of the compactor while ideally, at the same time reestablishing the floor to a shut position [61].