Disablers in the Implementation of Performance Management System in the Zambian Public sector

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International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) | Volume V, Issue III, March 2021 | ISSN 2454–6186

Disablers in the Implementation of Performance Management System in the Zambian Public sector

Maxwell Phiri1, Francis Simui2 & Gift Masaiti3
1,2 Institute of Distance Education, University of Zambia
3School of Education, University of Zambia

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Abstract: In this study we explored the disablers in Management System in Zambia’s public service. The study applied qualitative research methodology with a Case study design. The study comprised of 30 purposively selected Zambia public service workers as participants. The study used semi-structured interviews to generate evidence. The study findings revealed that the implementation of the Performance Management System (PMS) had a number of disablers that greatly affected the quality of service delivery in the public service. The most common barriers included low level of feedback rate, lack of commitment from top management, lack of adequate funding, lack of time, leadership style, constant change of leader, lack of trust, unfairness in the performance managements system, lack of reward system, lack of training in performance management system, lack of effective coordination, ineffective supervision and cultural beliefs. Thus, if the Public service is to improve on its performance, there is need to combine available resources and competencies to overcome disablers consistent with the theory of Resource-Based View. Unless managers of public service realize the importance of understanding and applying the resource based view theory in order to mobilize and deploy available resources, performance management practices will remain inappropriately implemented.

Key Words: Performance Management systems, Human resources management, Strategic plan, Zambia


This is an extract from the Thesis of the Principal researcher on Management System in Zambia’s public service. As a requirement for the award of a PhD in Performance Management System at the University of Zambia (UNZA) in partnership with the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), students are required to conduct a research study that culminates into a Thesis (Simui, Kasonde Ngandu, Cheyeka and Kakana, 2018). The UNZA-ZOU partnership has been running since 2014 via the distance learning mode. The University of Zambia is configured in a dual mode (regular and distance education modes), (Simui, Thompson, Mwewa, Mundende, Kakana, Chishiba and Namangala, 2017 and Mundende, Simui, Chishiba, Mwewa and Namangala, 2016).
In Zambia, there has been an outcry from the general public over the poor working culture and performance of workers employed in the public service despite the improved condition of services (Times of Zambia News Paper January 13, 2016;