Volume I & Issue IX

Comparative Study on Growth Performance, Phenotypic Traits and Genotypic Variations of Geo-Graphically Isolated Two Strains of Koi (Anabas Testudineus) Exhibited in Same Environmental Conditions
Authors: Alam MA, Flura, Hasan KR, Behera BK, Meena DK, Sharma AP —————- IJRSI/Volume I/Issue IX/December 2014 /101-109
Ecopolitics: An Alternative and Strategic Approach of Environmental Management
Authors: Anil Kumar Dular—————- IJRSI/Volume I/Issue IX/December 2014 /110-111
Developing A Training Manual on Reproductive Health for Social Work Trainees in India
Authors: Ameer Hamza, Suchismitha Mishra, Dharma Reddy, Jyothsna K A————– IJRSI/Volume I/Issue IX/December 2014 /112-114
A Review on Network Simulator & its Installation
Authors: Himanshu Trivedi, Manoj Mali—————- IJRSI/Volume I/Issue IX/December 2014 /115-116
Geomorphological Status of Sariska Tiger Reserve in Aravallis with Emphasis on Mineral and Environment
Authors: Anil Kumar Dular—————- IJRSI/Volume I/Issue IX/December 2014 /117-121
A Survey on Birth of Li-Fi & Its Features
Authors: Himanshu Trivedi, Vaibhav Trivedi—————- IJRSI/Volume I/Issue IX/December 2014 /122-123
Protection of Agricultural Biodiversity through Prospecting, Community Rights and Biodiversity Convention
Authors:Anil Kumar Dular—————-IJRSI/Volume I/Issue IX/December 2014 /124-125
Complexities and Difficulty of the immigrants in Anita Desai Bye Black Bird
Authors:Pawan Kumar, Dr. Nazir Ahmad Reshi —————-IJRSI/Volume I/Issue IX/December 2014 /126-127
Lung Cancer in Non-small cells: Its Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Treatment, and Survivorship
Authors:P. Padmavathi, D.Srinivasa Rao, Uppala Radhakrishna—————-IJRSI/Volume I/Issue IX/December 2014 /128-130